My name is Kimzi (aka Pixel) and music has played an important role since I was an infant.  My love of music began in the city of my birth, Spartanburg SC, back in 1972 when my parents would put my car seat atop the tables in the local bars to see my dad’s second cousin, Paul Riddle, play drums for The Marshall Tucker Band.  Southern Rock was the catapult into my love of music.


I was raised in a household with parents that were lovers of music, as well as my Uncle, who loved Progressive Rock and Metal.  Upstairs, dad and I would listen to Moody Blues, ELO, Alan Parson’s Project, Manfred Mann, etc..  My Uncle, five years my senior, would allow me to hang out with his friends and be blown away by Rainbow, Dio, Rush, Judas Priest, Asia, Triumph, Van Halen, Metallica and the likes.


Combining all the music that had been shared with me throughout the years followed by some tough family times, ninth grade began my personal exploration into heavier music.    My collection grew from Metallica and Scorpions to Slayer, Overkill, Nuclear Assault, Iron Maiden, King Diamond…there was nothing I wouldn’t try and it seemed the harder the better.  All the while, I continued to play classical flute which I enjoyed, albeit challenging, but later realized I hated all the technical aspects and just wanted to play what I loved.


As a young adult, grunge ruled the radio waves, however, I continued to embrace the beauty in the darkness of Metal, Doom, Space Rock and Sludge.  At 29, I moved to the UK in 2001 to follow Porcupine Tree and Ozric Tentacles tours where I was introduced to a plethora of awesome European Metal music along the way.


My respect of music is completely emotional.  I am not moved by music terminologies, technical listening,  history nor labels.  Some people are great at this, but I am not one of them.  I find music very personal to the individual listener, open to their own interpretation.  Music is my magic carpet and with it, I can go anywhere.  Music is a path of oscillation;  forever moving, changing, growing, and blossoming.  Some of my best friends are people whom I have never met, but share a great respect for music of many genres.  Platforms like www.metalworldradio keep music alive and the passionate people I have met there inspire me to keep pushing boundaries that radio quit pushing many years ago.


See you in the Pit,

Kimzi  (Pixel)