I see youJon Du Bose; born June, 1970Musician and Multimedia Artist
Hometown; Los Angeles, CALived in SC, CA, VA, FL, NY and NC
Former bands/projects; Emulator (Anaheim, CA) – Domestic Violence (Los Angeles, CA)
– Death Benefit (Los Angeles, CA) – Cessation Of Life (Camarillo, CA) – Terran
System Death (Lenoir, NC)
Current bands/projects; Fervent Send (Shelby, NC) – Chris Violence (Ventura, CA) –
Hours At Hand (Shelby, NC/Athens, Greece)
Credited instruments; Bass Guitar, Guitars, Keyboards, Programming and Effects,
Loops and sounds, Vocals
Co-Founder of Keigh Nein Entertainment and Host of Headphone Meditations on Metal
World Radio