15784741_10208478113533753_1770202741_o My name is Anthony Savarese. Im a Christian Straight Edge Metalhead. For a long time metal music was the only thing I allowed in my life. During my youth I spent hours listening to groups such as Overkill, Slayer, Testament, Judas Priest, Queensryche,, etc,… When I was doing my first internship 22 years ago, I was in a brutal car accident which crippled me for three months. After I learned how to walk again, I accepted Jesus Christ into my life Afterwards I didnt find peace until about three years ago. I joined the Sound Team and became a Musician for The Auburn Vineyard Church. With doing this on a regular basis and working with a therapist i have learned to embrace change and become a well rounded person besides being a metalhead. As Im taking my life back from anxiety and depression I invite you to tune in Sunday nights from 5pm to 9pm as I give you the best mix of the 80’s,90’s and today’s Hard Rock and Metal on the Show on Metal World Radio.